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Commercial Leasing: Representation For Landlords And Tenants

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, leasing commercial estate is a serious commitment. We can handle the complexities of your lease transaction, so you can focus on what is most important to you.

The attorneys at Hurley Law have experience representing landlords and tenants in various commercial real estate matters. For our commercial landlord clients, we want to ensure your leases give you the flexibility you need to run your properties efficiently. For our commercial tenant clients, the lease agreement is often the most significant liability, so it is essential that you understand your rights and obligations to avoid surprises.

With years of experience and a reputation in the community for innovative and practical legal guidance, Hurley Law can help you with your commercial leasing needs.

Experience With Every Type Of Commercial Property

Gone are the days of landlords and tenants using generic, fill-in-the-blank templates for their leases. Hurley Law attorneys will create custom lease agreement drafts for each different type of property, from retail, office and industrial space to warehouses, vacant land, billboards and cellphone towers.

Our real estate law attorneys also understand different lease structures and special provisions we can attempt to negotiate in favor of our clients. Our attorneys understand how these issues can relate to your overall financing and operations and can assist you with negotiating the terms of your lease.

Our trusted team can help you with various lease structures, including:

  • Triple Net (NNN) leases
  • Gross leases
  • Percentage Rent leases
  • Personal guaranties
  • Maintenance obligation shifting
  • Maintenance obligation caps
  • Default cure periods
  • Early termination options
  • Exclusive use rights
  • Signage rights
  • Promotional signage rights

Whether you are a landlord or a business looking for a new space, you have vital interests that need to be protected. At Hurley Law, we can advise you on commercial leasing in Middletown and statewide.

The Right Attorney For Your Lease

Our lawyers provide practical legal guidance and personal attention to your commercial leasing issue. Contact our commercial real estate attorneys in Middletown by calling us at 513-318-9893 for a free initial phone consultation or filling out our online contact form.