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Offering Effective Legal Guidance For Businesses

There are a variety of businesses that are active in the southwestern Ohio area. These include LLC partnerships for tech startups, sole proprietorships of brick and mortar stores, and growing corporations that are buying or selling goods or services. Sometimes businesses succeed despite a shaky foundation, but often an attorney will be a tremendous asset to start a business on the right foot, shore up those that are floundering or help an established one grow.

We offer a variety of business law services at Hurley Law, LLC. Led by business law attorney Dustin R. Hurley, our business law department helps businesses form, plan for the future and stay compliant with the current laws. We can even help you conduct business matters in a manner that is more cost-effective. A smart businessperson can do a lot to build a successful enterprise, but some matters are simply too complex, time-intensive or fraught with liability exposure. At times like these, it is best to consult a knowledgeable business attorney.

Issues We Can Help With

We provide guidance with the following business matters:

  • Business formation: Businesses can launch with a great idea, but it is best to make sure there is a solid foundation to help foster its success.
  • Business purchases and sales: We represent buyers and sellers in matters relating to asset sales and stock sales.
  • Dispute resolution: Plaintiff or defense litigation is sometimes necessary to resolve issues, but sometimes deals are made through mediation or negotiation.
  • Commercial real estate: We represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions as well as landlords and tenants in lease disputes.
  • Contract drafting and negotiating: An experienced attorney can protect clients from costly mistakes or exposure to liability.
  • Collections and creditors’ rights: We help with the collection of accounts receivable and judgments. We also provide creditor representation in bankruptcy.
  • Business bankruptcy and debt workouts: Sometimes, a business needs to file bankruptcy or restructure to get it moving in the right direction.
  • Succession planning and asset protection: A family business can stay in the family by employing a variety of plans or arrangements, often as a part of an owner’s estate plan.

Planning Ahead Makes Business Sense

Every businessperson needs to understand the principles running a healthy operation. Sometimes they can look after their best interests, but it is often best to consult a knowledgeable business lawyer early in the process to recognize small solvable issues that can potentially turn into major problems. This can be done through a general small-business review or any of the above services.

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*We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.