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DUI/OVI Charges: Get Your License Back

Thousands of people are arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) in Ohio every year. If you’ve been charged with OVI, you don’t need to let the arrest or charges ruin your life. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a difference when facing an OVI charge. Hurley Law and our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the complicated license suspensions and appeals system.

From our practice in Middletown, Ohio, we serve the Cincinnati area with a reputation for dedicated legal guidance and creative problem-solving. We care about our clients, and each of our lawyers has the experience necessary to defend you and fight for your rights in the face of a DUI or OVI charge.

Getting Back On The Road

After an OVI or DUI arrest in Ohio, one of the biggest problems people face is license suspension. You can lose your license through an administrative process called an administrative license suspension (ALS) or a judicial license suspension following a criminal conviction.

The most common type of suspension after an OVI is an ALS, which may occur automatically after arrest if your BAC is above the legal limit, or you refused to take a chemical test of your blood, breath or urine.

The good news is an ALS suspension can be appealed. If:

  • The arrest was unlawful or unreasonable
  • The officer never had you take a chemical test
  • You were never told of the penalties for refusing a test or if you fail one
  • You never refused or failed a chemical test

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Hurley Law can help you determine if any problems in your arrest or administration of a test can be used to appeal your license suspension. We can help you file the appeal quickly after the arraignment and potentially negotiate with a judge to terminate your license suspension entirely.

Protect Your Job And Livelihood

For many, an OVI charge can result in loss of employment. If you lose your license and cannot get to work, your employer might replace you. The same is true if you have a CDL or your job involves driving. The cost of hiring Hurley Law to get your license back faster is far less than losing your job. We can also ask the court or the BMV for a restricted driver’s license, which would give you limited privileges to drive to work, school, medical appointments and court-ordered treatments.

Most public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys only have experience handling cases from one side. The attorneys at Hurley Law have handled criminal cases as prosecutors in multiple jurisdictions, which means we have built unique relationships with the police, detectives and deputies. Our lawyers have also presided over criminal cases as acting judge and magistrate in multiple courts. This unique experience allows us to provide our clients with smart and practical legal guidance.

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