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DUI OVI Charges: Get Your License Back Faster

If you have been charged with OVI, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a difference. Hurley Law has multiple lawyers on staff that know how to navigate the complicated system of Administrative License Suspension (ALS), judicial license suspensions, and BMV license suspensions.

Protect Your Job

For many, an OVI charge can result in loss of employment. If you lose your license and cannot get to work, your employer might replace you. The same is true if you have a CDL or if your job involves driving. The cost to hire Hurley Law to get your license back faster is far less than the cost of losing your job.

We Have Seen All Sides

Most public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys only have experience handling cases from one side. The attorneys at Hurley Law have handled criminal cases as prosecutors in multiple jurisdictions, which means we have built unique relationships with the police, detectives, and deputies. Our lawyers have also presided over criminal cases as acting Judge and acting Magistrate in multiple courts, which again allows us to build unique relationships with those involved in the criminal system.

Do Not Wait to Hire Your DUI/OVI Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to talk with you by phone or meet at our offices in Middletown and Cincinnati. Call 513-318-9893 or use our contact page to speak with an attorney.