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Businesses Need a Lawyer on Standby

If you own a business, you know how valuable it can be to have fast access to your lawyer in times of need. Sometimes you just have a quick question about a contract or an employment law matter. Other times, you might need a lawyer to negotiate a transaction or resolve a dispute. For select business clients, our attorneys are available on standby to quickly and efficiently help in times of need. 

Availability Retainer

An “availability retainer” means you keep funds on deposit with our law firm, and we keep a file open so that we are “available” at all times. That way, if you need answers to legal questions, you can simply call, text, or email your attorney directly and we respond promptly. 

This is different from the traditional model where you hire a law firm on a matter-by-matter basis. Under the traditional model, each time you need legal help, you have to go through the process of scheduling a consultation, signing a new legal services agreement, paying a retainer, and opening a file. That can take up to a week in some cases before we can even start working on your matter. The availability retainer model avoids those extra steps. 

For some companies who only need a lawyer once or twice a year, the availability retainer model is probably not a good fit. But for other companies who find themselves seeking legal advice on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, having a lawyer on standby at all times is extremely valuable to their growth and success. 

Flexible Retainer Amounts Based on Need

The amount of the availability retainer is based on how much you anticipate using our services. The amount can be as little as $750 for smaller companies who might only reach out to us once every couple of months. 

We monitor your activity over time and the retainer amount may adjust accordingly. And if you go a long period of time without needing legal advice, we are happy to terminate the availability retainer and refund the unearned portion, and you can still hire our law firm on a matter-by-matter basis in the future if needed. 

Schedule a Free Telephone Consultation

The business law attorneys at Hurley Law are happy to talk with you to see if an availability retainer model is a good fit for your company. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to learn how we can help you. Call 513-318-9893.