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Employment Law

Employment laws regulate employment contracts and employer-employee relationships. Hurley Law has the capabilities to handle both the employee and employer sides of disputes related to employment and labor laws.

If you believe your employer violated your rights, took discriminatory action or did not pay you correctly for the number of hours you worked, our attorneys can act in your best interest. On the other side, if one of your employees has made allegations that put your company at risk, we have the ability to protect your rights in administrative proceedings, court, arbitration or mediation.

We Help Find Solutions for Your Employment Concerns

Matters of Ohio employment laws specify workplace terms and conditions. In situations involving a physical injury, breach of contract or a hostile work environment, our lawyers can protect your rights.

We provide efficient representation in employment matters such as:

  • Unpaid minimum and overtime wages for individuals and class actions
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) disputes
  • Employment contract review and negotiation
  • Severance pay negotiations
  • Medical and government contractor whistleblower actions
  • Race and age discrimination in hiring or on the job

Additionally, federal and state laws provide workplace protections against: Sexual harassment and discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, color, disability or national origin.

Utilize Our Experienced Team

Our attorneys can assist you with employment law matters. You can contact us now by calling 513-318-9893 or by sending us a message with the contact form.