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Legal Disputes in Construction Projects

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Civil Litigation |

Disputes during a construction process are quite common. From insufficient agreements at the beginning of a project to inadequate performance disputes after its completion, construction litigation is often high risk. A few examples of common legal disputes that arise over construction projects are productivity issues, health and safety hazards, and poorly written contracts. 


Productivity Issues

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages have affected all industries, including construction. Not having enough workers available to complete a project is a huge risk, and hinders productivity. The less builders a jobsite has, the longer it will take to complete a project. These delays often lead to disputes between contractors and owners.


Health & Safety Hazards

Worker safety on jobsites is extremely important. Site conditions such as weather or traffic are often unpredictable and pose a danger to workers. In addition to the potential harm to workers, a serious accident can delay construction and lead to a decrease in trust between contractor and owners.


Poorly Written Contracts

Usually, contracts hold the contractor responsible to provide timely notices of a delay claim so that the owner has the opportunity to handle the issue. However, if a contract is poorly written or not honored by all parties, legal disputes can occur.


Our experienced construction litigators at Hurley Law work to resolve conflict and ensure that all parties— from owners and contractors, to builders and suppliers— have their needs met and an equal stake in the outcome.

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