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A serious car accident could lead to vehophobia

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Personal Injury |

If you’re involved in a serious car accident that is caused by another driver, you may find yourself reluctant to get back in the car in the future. For some, it’s so severe that they can no longer drive. Some even feel anxious and nervous just riding in the car with someone else at the wheel. 

This condition is known as vehophobia, and it often develops when you’ve had a traumatic experience. Even if you’ve been driving for decades and only been in a serious crash once, you cannot shake the feeling that it may happen again. 

What does this mean for your future?

It’s important to consider issues like this when determining the type of compensation that you need. Remember that your costs may extend far beyond the immediate hospital bills as you get medical care. If you develop a phobia or a serious aversion to driving after the crash, it can:

  • Put an end to your career
  • Make it difficult to enjoy life in the way you did before
  • Cost you money in lost wages and lost earning potential
  • Mean that you need to attend therapy and get other such treatments

All of this can grow very expensive. You may have physically recovered, but you still have to meet with specialists to work on these mental and emotional hurdles. You lose money for every hour, day, week or month that you miss out on work. You have to endure a lot of anguish and suffering after the accident, and you know that your life has been changed forever by those few seconds in which the other driver caused the accident. 

As you look into the legal options you have to seek compensation, consider all of these costs carefully.  An attorney can help you make a compelling case for fair compensation and work to protect your interests.

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