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How to know if it is time for a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Family Law |

Marriage can be a wonderful bond between two people but for you, it may not seem that way. Relationships are complicated, and even the most stable of marriages go through difficult times. Looking at other couples spending time together may have you looking at your spouse and wondering: “Why do we not have what others have?” While it may be easy to compare your relationship to your peers, note that every marriage is different. Consider seeking marriage counseling to resolve conflict before making a decision about divorce. If that proves to be ineffective, it could be an indicator that you and your spouse do not bond well.

Signs telling you to file for a divorce

You are not the only one who thought there is something missing in their marriage. Statistics have shown that hundreds of thousands of divorces occur every year. This is not a decision to take lightly, however if your marriage is full of negatives then it may be time to file for a divorce.

Here is what you should look for if you are considering a divorce:

  • Zero intimacy: You may find that you and your spouse no longer go on romantic dates or find intimacy at home. This can be the most immediate indicator of a failed relationship.
  • Lack of communication: Constant arguing or difference of opinion can turn a relationship sour. Nothing can get done if your partner can not find a middle ground.
  • Financial hardships: Constantly struggling to pay bills could be the result of your spouse’s impulsive spending. Your spouse may be keeping you from building a nest egg or retirement.
  • Addiction problems: If your spouse has an addiction problem then it could lead to a change in personality. They may begin lashing out just for their own enjoyment.
  • Physical and mental abuse: Hitting or insults can wear you down physically and emotionally. There are signs your partner may be controlling, narcissistic or insecure.

If these signs sound too common in your marriage, and marriage counseling is unsuccessful, then you may want to take action and begin filing for a divorce. 

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