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Distracted drivers pose a serious safety threat 

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Although driving may feel like second nature to you, you likely still take every precaution to protect yourself and other road users. Unfortunately, no matter what actions you take, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers. 

Research indicates that over one million accidents per year occur due to cell phone distractions alone, and this is not the only type of distraction drivers face. 

Fortunately, there are some indications that a driver may be distracted, as outlined below:

You see a driver’s unusual gestures or movements

Have you noticed the person in front of you constantly turning to face the rear seats in their car? Perhaps they have even let go of the wheel to reach into this area? This could be an indication that passengers in the rear are causing a distraction. 

Families often travel by vehicle together, which includes children. A sibling rivalry could lead to an argument between children, which the driver is forced to resolve while in motion. Be wary of any unusual gestures from other road users, and make sure you leave ample space between you and their vehicle, in case a sudden stop becomes necessary. 

You see a driver pick up or use their cellular phone

As mentioned previously, cell phone use while driving warrants careful consideration. There are telltale signs that a driver is focused on their messages instead of the road in front of them. 

For instance, you may notice the glow of an electronic device as you approach another car. Or, the driver may be in a downward-facing posture, indicating that their eyes are on their lap rather than the road. Even the briefest lapse in concentration from another road user can result in a catastrophic accident. 

As you make your way from A to B on the Ohio roadways, it is vital to protect yourself. In the event that you have been caught up in a road traffic accident, be sure to consider your legal options.    

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