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Real estate taxes have increased; Can an appeal to lower your new Ohio property valuation be won?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Real Estate, Taxes And IRS Concerns |

Home values have sharply increased this year due to the pandemic, leading to larger property tax bills. 

Butler County Treasurer, Nancy Nix, said after the March 18 deadline to collect the first half of property taxes the office collected $304.3 million, which is a 9.6% increase from last year. 

As the deadline to file an appeal to lower the new increased value of your home has passed, homeowners across Ohio are grumbling about the new property valuations. The state ordered an average 20% increase, and courts are battling that amount on appeal.

As reported in the Journal News, “Chief Deputy County Auditor Dawn Mills said officials received 773 applications to challenge property values as of the deadline, compared to 765 in 2018 after the 2017 reassessment.”

How We Can Help

If you sense a major discrepancy that has the potential to increase your tax bill by several thousand dollars a year, you should hire a real estate attorney to file a challenge for you.

At Hurley law, our firm has a strong track record of successfully representing commercial property owners in valuation appeals. Some examples include representing a golf course resulting in a reduction in value of $696,000.00 and representing a strip mall in a reduction in value of $628,910.00.

As auditors can have limited information about a property, there is a potential for an incorrect opinion of real estate value.

Our job is to provide additional information to the Board of Revision to educate them on the economic realities of a particular property.

Please contact Hurley Law email us if we can help you combat this issue.


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