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Do you know the main reasons that people get divorced?

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Every marriage is as unique as the couple in it — but the reasons couples divorce are surprisingly similar. The circumstances may be unique, but the root issue is not. 

Understanding what leads to a divorce can help you possibly prevent one — or, at least, help you realize that one is on the horizon.  

Six of the top reasons people divorce

You could make a list of dozens of reasons for divorce, but let’s start by looking at the top six. According to one report, the most common reasons are:

  1. Infidelity
  2. Financial issues
  3. Addiction
  4. Extraordinary situations
  5. Incompatibility
  6. Irreconcilable differences

What does “extraordinary situations” mean? This category just referred to unexpected things that altered people’s lives. For instance, one person may find out that they have a terminal illness. Their spouse may leave them because they don’t want to just be a caretaker for someone who is ailing. Another example is if a child passes away — especially if it is the couple’s only child. Things like this can be so difficult emotionally that the relationship between the two parents will never be the same again. 

Are you getting divorced?

Do you think that divorce is in your near future, perhaps for one of these reasons? No matter why you’re ending your marital relationship, it’s critical that you understand all of the legal options you have. Divorce may bring up a number of complex issues that have to be addressed, including things like the division of your marital assets and debt and custody of the children. Working with an attorney early on is wise.

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