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Is an LLC a business structure worth considering?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Business Law |

When starting a business, Ohio entrepreneurs have many decisions to make. Not least among them is the type of business structure they want to utilize. Many people choose to create limited liability companies due to this structure’s various benefits, but what is an LLC?

An LLC essentially utilizes characteristics from other types of entities, such as a corporation and a sole proprietorship. However, this entity provides more flexibility to its members as well as more protections than a sole proprietorship might offer. In particular, many business owners take advantage of this business structure because the owners do not hold any personal liability for the company’s debts, which is certainly appealing in the event that creditors attempt to collect on outstanding debts. The possibility does exist that creditors could go after owners if some type of fraudulent activity is suspected.

Of course, to form an LLC, entrepreneurs must ensure that they meet certain requirements. These stipulations vary from state to state, so it is vital to have the right information for a particular area. If individuals do not form their businesses in accordance with state law, they could face a number of issues from which the company may not recover.

Choosing the right business structure is not always easy, but an LLC is a worthy choice to consider. If Ohio business owners are considering taking the steps to form this type of entity, they will certainly want to go about it the right way. If interested, they could enlist the help of experienced business law attorneys who could provide valuable insight.

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