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Signing estate documents during probate as the executor

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Probate And Estate Administration |

Making mistakes when closing a person’s estate can cause major turmoil. The executor needs to ensure that he or she does everything correctly in order to avoid additional issues with creditors, beneficiaries or others associated with the estate and to avoid taking on personal liability for estate issues. Probate is a process during which mistakes could easily be made, but careful consideration may help mitigate those chances.

One detail that Ohio executors need to pay close attention to is how they sign documents on behalf of the estate. The executor will need to handle a lot of paperwork during the probate process, and signing documents will come along with it. If a person signs a document without indicating that he or she is the executor of the estate, it is possible that the person could end up individually responsible for whatever the transaction entails.

This possible outcome may seem nerve-wracking, but a relatively simple remedy for the issue exists. The executor can sign the documents and indicate that he or she is the executor for the estate and is acting on its behalf. In some cases, the executor may need to provide documentation from the court to the person or business receiving the paperwork to ensure validity.

Though some people may think that acting as the executor of an estate is a nice gesture, it can be a complex one. It is often a smart idea for individuals acting in this capacity to have assistance to ensure that they avoid mistakes as best as possible. Ohio residents may find it helpful to reach out to probate attorneys for help.

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