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Even with a will, probate proceedings can take time

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Probate And Estate Administration |

Many people enjoy being surrounded by a loved one’s things after his or her passing. It can allow Ohio residents to retain a sense of the person and possibly allow them to deal with their loss better. Of course, a decedent’s property typically cannot go untouched forever, and probate proceedings need to be completed.

Hopefully, an individual will have created an estate plan before his or her death to help manage the final affairs of the estate. It can certainly be difficult for surviving loved ones to let go of assets, but it usually must happen in order to complete probate. The decedent’s nontitled property, solely owned property, investments and other probate assets will need to go through the legal process and be distributed to the applicable beneficiaries.

Though having a will to work with can make the probate process go more smoothly, it can still take months to complete the legal proceedings needed to close the estate. This process could also take longer if the estate is particularly complex, if conflict arises over the estate or if other complications come about. As a result, beneficiaries may have to be patient before receiving their inheritances, and executors may want to plan ahead for a long process.

Though many Ohio residents may hope that probate proceedings will be quick and easy, any seemingly minor setback could cause issues and delays. In efforts to avoid unnecessary difficulties, executors may want to enlist legal support throughout their proceedings to ensure that they follow the appropriate steps. Having legal advocates can also be useful in the event that claims are filed against an estate.

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