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Attorney Dustin Hurley Obtains Summary Judgment Against Roofing Contractor For Violating The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2014 | Office News |

The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act gives a person the right to cancel certain contracts within three days, especially with companies who engage in door-to-door sales. This “cooling off” period allows time for the person to reconsider the contract after the salesperson leaves their home.

Hurley Law Office, LLC recently represented a homeowner that hired a roofing contractor. The day after paying a $2,800 deposit, the homeowner discovered that the roofing contractor had a very bad reputation. The homeowner cancelled the contract within the three-day cancellation period, but the roofer refused to refund the deposit.

Attorney Dustin Hurley filed suit against the roofing contractor and its owner, and obtained a summary judgment against both parties. In addition, the roofing contract was ordered to pay all of the homeowner’s legal fees related to the lawsuit.

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